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The Healthy, Active Life: How to Burn Fat, Get Lean, and Increase Energy (Fat Loss Book Series) Emeroy Bernardo

The Healthy, Active Life: How to Burn Fat, Get Lean, and Increase Energy (Fat Loss Book Series)

Emeroy Bernardo

Published February 28th 2014
Kindle Edition
206 pages
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 About the Book 

WHAT IF YOU COULD ACHIEVE YOUR HEALTH GOAL WITHOUT TRYING SO HARD?Whether your frustrated with your lack of results or it’s your first time trying to achieve your health goal, the Healthy Active Life is your step-by-step guide to the world of health and fitness.Forget the crash diets you see all over the internet and magazines and forget working out for hours on end. Seriously, there’s no need to do starve yourself in order to look good naked. This contains collective wisdom from scientific research and real life application. Whether you’re looking to burn fat, build lean mass, or increase energy, this book is the blueprint to your heath goals.Join Emeroy Bernardo, professional dancer and health coach as he teaches you:Habits that that will create body and life you wantHow cut your workout time by 50%.How to enjoy junk food without gaining weightHow to leverage your emotions to create motivationEasy meals that you can create whether your at home or going outHow to eat more and still lose weight5 REASONS TO READ THE BOOK1. You’ll develop the mindset of a champion.Whether you want to burn fat, get lean, and increase energy. It’s not just doing the A,B,C’ and 1,2,3 methodology. The key to success is our mindset. I’ll take you through a process where you will develop clarity and vision with your goal. You’re going to face temptation and obstacles in your journey, it’s important to develop the mindset you need to push you through.2. You’ll learn the power of your emotionsEating makes us feel good, sometimes it’s this particular reason alone that cause some people to use food as an escapism. I’ll teach you how to beat emotional eating and leverage your emotions to create the motivation you need to not only start, but also stick with your plan.3. Workouts that will help you burn more calories after working outWhether you’re a full-time employee, student, or parent. If you’re having a hard time fitting in a workout, I’ll share with you 3 strategies in creating an effective workout in 20 minutes.4. Achieve your goals without trying so damn hard.So many people are about getting the immediate result, 7 pounds in 7 days. People do extreme things (that can potentially harm the body), in order to get their result. Our culture is so much about “working hard” and “grinding it out.” How many stories have we heard of people joining the gym at the beginning of every year, and end up quitting a few months after due to lack of results? How many people have we heard go on crazy crash diets, only to gain the weight back? This simplifies and gives you easy to follow steps to create the habits you need so you can get your goal without feeling overwhelmed.5. Create the healthy life style you want and a body you love.This isn’t a “get fit quick” book. It’s a keep your goal forever book.THE BOOK CONSISTS OF 4 PARTS1. Mental Game where you develop clarity in your goals, learn how to leverage your emotions, understand what may cause you to fail, and get clear on WHY you want this.2. Everything Starts Within is where you learn that nutrition is the beauty (or beast) that is skin deep. Whether we work behind the desk or workout seven times a week, there is no way that we’ll get our health goal if we don’t understand how to properly fuel our bodies.3. Move! Move! Move! is where you create the body you love. While nutrition will get your body running at optimal levels.